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The Masqued Mind!

Open your mind, and then your wallet...

The Masqued Man
11 August
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I'm a man
I wear a mask
Go to hell.

DMM is everything everywhere, never therever where nether will forever stare.

I have a lot of secrets.

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I hate stuff that sucks and I love stuff that's awesome!
4am, a book of matches, a lot of money, akhilandeshvari, all-virgins-are-liars-honey, ambiguity, art, artificade, bargain book discoveries, being good in bed, ben folds five, berryman's henry, bleu nuit, bob hicok, bohemian rhapsodies, bohemianism, boredom as cure, brian's fucking late, brunettes, buddhism, burritos, cacoethes, cathedrals, cemetaries, cerca trova, college radio, comic art, conversations in the dark, cool shit, cultural relativism, deepika padukone, defining moments, editorial cartooning, effrontery to the man, egoistic self-absorption, elliott smith, emotional bulimia, enantiodromia, endurance, epistemology, existentialism, expression, ezra pound translations, finding gingers named chet, finite subjective realities, foreplay, frank o'hara, ghosts, harriet alida lye, hidden holiness, hiding in plain sight, hindi films, humor, impudency, indulging in make believe, inglenooks, integrity, intelligence, introversion, isabel sarli, kojo, korean bird paintings, last national bank, libraries, linguistic neuroscience, living in the past, logic, magnetoencephalography, margaret atwood, masks, messy hair, metonymy, minnesota, monkeys climbing ladders, mythology, nathalia ramos, nonconformity, north, not blind adherance, obfuscation, obtenebration, ocelots, onomatophobia, ontogolical binarism, p-p-p-pie, pale green things, parenthesis, perception, philology, pin up girls, poetry, poop on your face, porkchop sandwiches, pseudepigrapha, quantum physics, reading, really big velociraptors, recidivistic zogma, reluctant happiness, richard siken, rick ducommun, road trips, science guys, scottish cows, secondhand bookstores, self-centered bullshit, seren gibson, serial self-plagiarism, silence, skepticism, slacking off, solipsisticism, something else, space flight, spartan comics, spenglerianisms, spirituality, spontaneous travel, stand to reason, stories, subterfuge, swarthmore, sweatpants, synesthesia, tatu, teddy ruxpin, the doctor, the essentials, the fight against depression, the masquerade, tweed, two-headed boys, unreliable narrator, valor, vanishing, vexating hyperboles, vica kerekes, voynich manuscript, waking up with strangers, wandering aimlessly, winter blues, wisconsin girls, witch's brew, writing, writing on my hand, your mom